Lukewarm Catholics and Pope St. Pius V

All the evils of the world are due to lukewarm Catholics.

Attributed to Pope St. Pius V.

  1. A Google search turns up the usual host of unattributed quotations along with a few pages giving citations to obscure (and fairly recent) secondary sources which are of no help in deciding whether or not the quotation is authentic.
  2. Wikiquote doesn’t even have a page for Pope St. Pius V.
  3. Google Books found the exact phrase in The Fatima Crusader, which is not a reliable source. I found no other exact quotations at Google Books.

    What I did find was a passage in a book entitled The Sword of Saint Michael: Pope St. Pius V 1504-1572, by Lillian Browne Olf. Google was only able to show me a snippet, but it was a critical snippet of page 89: “… professors should also take the oath of the Tridentine profession. For it was not so much the out-and-out Protestants that made the Holy Father’s heart bleed; it was the lukewarm Catholics who, while they still retained an affection for Catholic rites and practices, were frequently …”

    It is possible that the author had in mind the “all the troubles of the world” statement in writing that, or it is possible that “all the troubles in the world” came from putting the author’s commentary into her subject’s mouth.

I am not absolutely persuaded that the quotation is inauthentic, largely because of the possibility that an authentic quotation prompted what’s in the book, but I am pretty skeptical.