St. John Chrysostom: Teachers, artists, sculptors

A friend sent me a picture of what appears to be a homemade poster which says:

There is no painter, no sculptor, no artist who can be compared to the teacher who, with the grace of God, fashions the image of Christ in the minds and hearts of students. — St. John Chrysostom

When I started to investigate, something happened that has never happened to me before: there were NO matches for my Google search. None. I started searching a little more creatively, and the best I can find is this, from St. John Chrysostom’s Homily 59 on Matthew, which says:

For what is equal to training the soul, and forming the mind of one that is young? For he that has this art, ought to be more exactly observant than any painter and any sculptor.

My best guess is that someone took what the saint actually said and expanded upon it, and that someone else took the expansion for an actual quotation. What boggles the mind (if my guess is correct) is that they did this without Google’s ever noticing.

Maybe this post can stop a new fauxtation in its tracks. (But I doubt it.)