St. Teresa of Ávila and the weather

All weather is good weather for it is God’s.

–Attr. St. Teresa of Ávila

I’ve even used this quotation, in the days before I became obsessive about citations. In fact, I think it was trying to verify this quotation after the fact that pushed me over the edge.

At any rate, I’m still not entirely sure it’s a fauxtation. I couldn’t find any place that gave a citation using normal Google search; Wikiquote doesn’t have it, even on the “unsourced and removed” page; and the only books that have it on Google Books don’t give a citation, and I think her collected works are all there. On the other hand, St. Teresa was good with the epigram, and it does sound to me like something she could have said.

But when all is said and done, I would call nearly any other quote a fake quote with this kind of negative evidence, so I guess I have to conclude that this one’s probably fake too.